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Website title: Pagan Magic: Pagan, Wicca and Witchcraft Shop - Browse and Buy Online - Pagan Magic - Online Shop
Website description: We scour the world to find you the best pagan products and provide a comprehensive range of magical items. With over 6000 beautiful products for you to choose from, and delivery wordwide you’re bound to be excited at what we have to offer. Please v
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Customer reviews

JodieM    04/19/2010
Really good fast service, recomendded

Amethyst    04/17/2010
I\'ve got nothing but good things to say about Pagan Magic, they sell a massive amount of products that are simply unavailable anywhere else, and are very friendly and professional to deal with. I have shopped with them many times now, and will continue t

Steph    04/16/2010
I placed an order Dec 18, 2009. I was told it was backordered. (93 euros!) On Feb 2, 2010 - I was contacted and told the shipment had been dispatched. I waited a month & still hadn\'t recieved it. So I sent in a request for information. I got no response.

crow    04/09/2010
two items were ordered. One item was delivered in about 2 weeks. Other item was never delivered. The vendor was contacted and they sent a e mail saying I signed a legal binding document. Several times customer service lied to the customer.

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