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Frequently asked questions

Website owners / Webmasters: For more specific questions and answers see here

What is actually the pronounciation of "cuge" and what does it mean?

cuge is pronounced as in cute and huge. cuge means "customer-generated evaluation".

Who can add websites to cuge?

Besides the cugeCrawler that is continiously crawling the internet for new websites, only a registered website owner or a responsible (webmaster) can add a website to cuge. The ownership or control over a website must be proven by registering with an email address @ the domain of the website that shall be added to cuge. Ex.: If someone wants to add www.mysite.com to cuge, he must have an email address like "address@mysite.com".

A customer of any website in the world may suggest a website for te listing on cuge. The cugeCrawler will visit the site and, if possible, add it immediately to the index.   Suggest website.

Who can edit websites on cuge?

Websites that have been added by the cugeCrawler (see above) or that have been suggested by a customer of a website and then added by the cugeCrawler, show up by default with the details the cugeCrwaler has taken from the website's so called "meta tags". After that, these details can be edited by the website owner or a responsible only. The ownership or control over a website must be proven by registering with an email address @ the domain of the website that shall be edited. Ex.: If someone wants to edit www.mysite.com, he must have an email address like "address@mysite.com".

Websites that have been added by a registered site owner / webmaster, are edited by the registrant. Site owners must not enter illegal, rassistic, pornographic or other questionable contents into their site details fields.

What do the highlighted entries in the search results ad categories mean?

Featured results on cuge (fees apply)

As a website owner or webmaster you may feature your website entry. Featured results
attract much more attention.

What a featured result entry offers:

  • Your entry appears above all other entries in category and search *
  • Your entry appears highighted with a background color.
  • Your entry will have a stronger and colored border.
  • Your website address appears bolded.
  • Your website address is directly linked to your website.

Fees applying for featured results:

  • 1 month: € 29,80
  • 3 months: € 86,70 (-3%)
  • 6 months: € 169,80 (-5%)
  • 12 months: € 321,60 (-10%)

          All fees are subject to Italian VAT (at 20%; not payable by EU companies having a valid VAT number).
          Subsciption is renewed automatically unless cancelled. Cancelable at any time without notice.

How to book a featured result entry for your website:

  • Sign in or register for free as a website owner.
  • In your user navigation, click on "My site details".
  • Activate the "Feautured result" checkbox.
  • In the next field, select the booking period.
  • Click on "Save".
  • You will be redirected automaticaly to a payment page.
  • Your featured result entry will be activated within 24 hours after payment receipt.

How is the cugerank calculated?

The cugerank calculation

The cugerank is calculated on the following base:

Customer evaluation criterion

Possible values

Strength 1)

Delivered goods/services as described 30 %
In time delivery of goods/services 20 %
Claim treatment 20 %
In time response 10 %
Response quality (helpful) 10 %
Advertisement promises fulfillment 10 %
Average delivery time time info only
Average response time time info only
No delivery / Fraud warning 2) yes / no info only

1) Only evaluation criteria that have been left by the customer, will influence the cugerank.
If one or more evaluation criteria are not stated, they will be ignored in the evaluation value calculation.
Example: No claim treatment evaluation was left, since there was nothing claimed. All other criteria
were stated. Only these stated ones will count for the evaluation. The value may reach 10 anyway.
2) The No delivery / Fraud warning is an additional statement that does not directly influence the cugerank.
It is marked red and appears above all evaluations, if any warnings were left.


How can I evaluate a website's services?

How to evaluate a website

1. Register for your free cuge account using your main email address.
    Note: Your personal data will never be visible to site owners or other users.

2. Check your emails for an email from cuge. Click on the confirmation link in the email
    or copy and paste it into your browser.

    When done, go to the evaluate website page and sign in using the access data
    you fixed during your registration. You will find these access data in a welcome
    email cuge has sent you after your confirmation as well.

    After having signed in, you will be redirected to the evaluate website page.

3. Type in the URL of the website you want to evaluate (ex.: www.cuge.org).
     Note: You need to be or having tried to become a customer of that website.

4. Leave your services evaluation by selecting from the values shown on the evaluation page.

5. Press (only once!) the "evaluate" button.

Done. Your evaluationhas been saved and is considered in the website's cugerank
and evaluation profile immediately.