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cuge [kyuj] is a free and public service for the evaluation of the service quality and reliability of any website in the world by the website's customers themselves. cuge creates safety by transparency.

There are currently 1,253,901 websites listed on cuge.

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Your experiences help all of us!

Ordering goods or services on the net may be a risk, if you don't know the website. Share your experiences, positive or negative, with others and help creating the transparency that makes the internet a safer place.

Red list of fraudulent websites

Here is cuge's red list of websites categorised as fraudulent by their customers.

Website owner?
Put a cugeBox on your site

If you own or run a website, you may want to put a free cugeBox on your site that shows your cugerank and your customer satisfaction rate.

Latest evaluations

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*** News in brief ***

cuge redesign

cuge has finished the redesign work and has launched the new surface. The new design should lead to a faster use of cuge's main features of checking, evaluating and adding websites. All result pages should now load faster and it should be more comfortable to get the most important information at a glance.

Full text evaluations now possible

cuge has enabled a full text evaluation feature. All users may now leave a textual information about the experiences they have made with a website. The new feauture is meant as an additional information of other users and the website owners. However, textual evaluations are not influencing the cugerank itself.

Survey results:
Significance and position of the cugerank

78% of all website customers asked in a recent survey said that the cugerank shown on a web page had positively affected their decision of purchasing or other action. In all (100%) of these cases, the users had seen the cugeBox right on the start page or on the first landing page.

The new rank-sensitive cugeBoxes:
Define a minimum value for the display

Many site owners had asked cuge for some cugerank display that shows the cugerank only, if it is of a certain value. This is now possible. All site owners who actively use cuge's free service for generating and showing customer opinions, may now define a minimum value for the cugerank to show up and some alternative displays for the contrary case (public aid links or just images). The new cugeBoxes can be selected by clicking on "cugerank on my site" in the site owner account menu.

Changed self evaluation consequences

cuge has changed its self evaluation consequences policy. Whereas cuge formerly decreased a proven self evaluation, it's now just deleted without negatively influencing the cugerank itself. Instead of this, a notice on the self evaluation will be visible to all users on the appropriate website's cugerank page.

Current self evaluations statistics: 3.56% of all evaluations have been identified as self evaluations. Lone and sad leader in the self evaluation abuse statistics is still Germany having more abuse cases as all other countries together (52%), followed by the Netherlands (18%), Italy (11%), the United States (11%), France (7%) and others.

Woven labels in HD

Everybody who needs to label clothes, apparel and other textile products is in need of accurate labels and sometimes it's quite hard to find good companies that produce high quality woven labels at moderate quantities. cuge has found one for its own polo shirts: The Italian company labelpartners produces woven labels in HD quality at really good quotes. They have a label configurator online that allows to enter all label details, upload an own logo or artwork directly and to calculate the quote instantly.

cuge supports IBAN project

This website is supporting IBAN project a software provided to check if a given IBAN is valid or not. Electronic and print formats allowed.

cuge supports the coprico project

This website is supporting the coprico project. coprico means "consumer price control" and it is a free consumer community that allows us to monitor, control and compare food and beverage prices in our local area. coprico creates a price transparance that helps all of us to be aware of our real live costs and to prevent from uncontrolled price increasings. coprico is free and anyone can join.

Looking for an international web agency?

Companies who need to set up a branch in Italy or plan activities on the Italian market, often experience some difficulties finding an Italy based web agency that has an international focus. Our advice: sense! web agency at Genoa. This is the agency that has made the cuge redesign in 2011 and technically maintains the cuge project as well. We think they really do a good job at appropriate rates.