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Condizioni d'uso

Registrandosi su questo sito web l'iscrivente accetta le seguenti condizioni:

Le seguenti pagine fanno parte di queste condizioni d'uso:
Informazioni per i clienti di un sito web
Informazioni per i proprietari di un sito web

Nota: Questa pagina è attualmente in fase di traduzione. La versione italiana sarà disponibile tra breve. Grazie.

1. Definizione delle espressioni

a) cuge
"cuge" within the meaning of these terms of use is the owner and rights holder of the website, the company gecomedia, Via Teriasca 19, 16030 Pieve Ligure (GE), Italy, VAT ID: IT01749970990.

b) User
"User" within the meaning of these terms of use is each person who has successfully signed up an account on the website.

b1) Website customers
"Website customer "within the meaning of these terms of use is each user (see above), who is a customer of any website on the internet and has successfully signed up an account as a website customer on the website.

b2) Website owners
"Website owner" within the meaning of these terms of use is any user who owns a website or manages a website on behalf of the owner and has successfully signed up an account as a website owner on the website.

3. License of use for ALL users

The use of cuge is free of charge for all users.
(with the exception of toll featured result entries for website owners, see below).

All users have to register with their real first and last name. The data that are saved during the registration process, will never be published or submitted to other users or third parties.

All users define a nickname of their choice as their identity on cuge. All users are assigned a user profile page at that nickname, showing their registration date and their evaluations. All users may contact other users at their nickname using cuge's messaging system. Offending or threatening message contents are strictly forbidden.

All users will be able to use the information provided by cuge and to leave evaluations for websites, assumed that they are labelled as evaluable. All users are obliged to provide nothing but true information.

3.1 License of use for website customers

Website customers have the option to evaluate websites
- whose customers they are and at whom they have obtained or have tried to obtain
  some goods and/or services.
- that are marked evaluable by cuge.
- whose relatives / friends they are not.

Website customers must make all evaluations they leave for a website truthfully and free of personal emotions. In the case of a claim from a website owner, the website customer is obliged to help resolving the case.

3.2 License of use for website owners

Since website owners may likely be customers of other websites at the same time and the website customer functions are fully available to them as well, the terms and conditions stted under 3.1 apply for website owners as well. In addition, the following conditions apply:

To become a website owner the regsitrant must sign up using an email address under the domain of the website.

Website owners have the option to edit the site details, which appear on cuge. All information that a website owner enters about his website
- must be true
- must not contain racist, violent, defamatory, pornographic or other questionable content.

Website owners also have the option to display their current cugerank live and directly on their websites. This display may only be done by using one of the cugeBoxes that are available in the user area of each site owner account. The cugeBox may only be used on the account's website, it must not be used on other websites of the same owner. For cugerank displays on more websites, the website owner must sign up separate accounts. The use of the cugeBoxes is furthermore only allowed, if the unchanged and linked cuge copyright notice is preserved.

If a website operator doubts the accuracy of an evaluation, he can send an evaluation claim to cuge. cuge will then contact the website customer who has left the evaluation, ask for a statement and will, if necessary, make further clarifying efforts. The decision about a contested evaluation is made by cuge on the base of the available information.

A website operator can order a featured result entry for his website. For more information and costs, see here.

4. Unfair or unlawful use of cuge

Any violation of the No. 3 and sub-points conditions will lead to the cancellation of the license of use.

5. Revocation of the license of use

The license of use may be revoked by cuge at any time and without giving prior notice and without giving any reason. The revocation can be declared by an email to the user's email address. After the revocation, the user must not use cuge any more.

6. Liability and legal consequences

cuge is not liable for any legal consequences of the use of cuge or the information provided on this website. For more information about the textual and graphical contents on this website and about cuge's liability, please refer to the page about data handling, privacy and disclaimer

7. Jurisdiction

Jurisdiction for all disputes regarding the use of this website and its contents is the domicile of cuge.

Stato: 14 novembre 2008

Use of expressions, logos and definitions - copyright

The public use of the expressions "cuge" and "cugerank" as well as of the cuge-Logoand the cugerank-Logo
are allowed under the following conditions:

An each page that is using the above mentioned expressions or logos, the following
link to cuge must be included:

Note: Every use of the above mentioned expressions or logos without putting a link to cuge on the page is a violation
of international copyright laws.

The public use of the cuge category definitions forinternational websites
is allowed under the following conditions:

The following cuge Copyright HTML snippet must be inserted without making any modification to it
on each page that uses - in whole or in parts - the cuge category definitions.

Note: Every use of the cuge categorydefinitins forinternationalwebsites without inserting this copyright HTML snippet
is a violation of international copyright laws.

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